Usman Afridi does not want to play Test cricket and makes controversial statements that puts the team in the news. Misbah is a natural leader who according to all the players has had a positive effect on the team. Even Afridi has admitted that about Misbah, Why is everyone forgetting who we are playing and where we are playing them?We are playing the best side in the world in their house with the best attack in the world. Wake up people, we have no green pitches in Pakistan, PCB refuses to build them, PCB doesnt select ppl who go play outside of the country b’c they demand that the player play domestically to be considered for selection, we cannot negotiate the new ball, we did not pick irfan in the first match, we did not pick Abdurehman in the 2nd test, THOSE are the main reasons why we lost. Its easy to blame Misbah for everything but his calm handle on things and playing strategically conservative style, was why we were even in it in the first place.

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